‘Get Her Off My Mind’ by John Myrtle

Artwork by Caio Wheelhouse

Birmingham born, bedroom pop whizz-kid John Myrtle is back with snow melting new single ‘Get Her Off My Mind‘ (Sad Club Records). The single is a sweet 60’s psych-pop nugget that bounces along like the best, with great melodies and a charmingly catchy chorus. Recorded on a home tape recorder, the lo-fi process and vintage equipment is there in feel but its quality is sonically hi-fi. Like all the best singles, it’s joyfully over in 3 minutes, no filler. There’s a Merseybeat vibe, with Myrtles’ signing sounding upbeat even if he is weary in love. Who’s up for signing the petition to get the John Myrtle vaccine? A dose of this straight in the arm will sort out our winter blues, flues and boogaloos. Keep those long, sunny summer days and melting ice creams in sight, they’re only a few months away!

You can listen and purchase the new single ‘Get Her Off My Mind‘ on Bandcamp today.

Watch the video below

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