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Artwork by Raissa Pardini

Pop Mutations is just under a week away and we’re super psyched about bringing this virtual extravaganza into your life! Head to Pop Mutations Instagram page to like and share the event poster (this yellow one) for a chance to win Free Tickets to the one off event!

Lot’s of El Rancho favourites on the line up, you would be a mad person to miss this! Check out parts 1 & 2 of our Clyde built special to hear tracks by all the artists performing. Type in clydebuilt pop mutations into the search.


Clyde Built, Sunday 7th March 2021

Sunday morning coming down. This is the general vibe of Sunday’s Spiritual Fantasy on Clyde Built Radio. Tune in this Sunday for more of the same, if you don’t know what that is then tune in. OK, what I will say is that the music usually comes from a bygone era most often the 60’s/70’s, however; If the sound fits newer releases pop up every once in a while. This months show has three new tracks from Laraaji (All saints), Gold Dust Twins (Numero Group) and Bobby Lee.

Bobby Lee’s new album ‘Origin Myths’ was released digitally worldwide on March 5th, with a vinyl LP out May 7th with FOUR extra songs via Tompkins Square. There is an awesome tape option available on BL’s Bandcamp – home dubbed cassette of the album with one-off collage artwork plus a unique mixtape. If you dig the sounds of ‘Origin Myths’ and last years ‘Shakedown in Slabtown’ album, you can imagine what kind of vibe a Bobby Lee mixtape might sound like.

On ‘Origin Myths’ dusty desert jams, set to a slow BPM drum machine is the road Bobby Lee walks down. The sun comes up and down with this album, and in between cosmic country scorches eight psych instrumentals that are ambient, primitive and native. Bobby plays all the instruments; each track is a vignette of blissed-out meditative guitar and mellowed out reverb. Check out ‘Fire Medicine Man’, and let’s talk about Wilson Tan. This is so El Rancho! Now let’s get that mixtape!

Check out the full tracklist and listen to the show below…

Camel – Starlight Ride
Dr Dopo Jam – In The Morning
Sonia Spence – Jet Plane
Bobby Lee – The Badger and The Locust
Ted Lucas – It Is So Nice To Get Stoned
Gold Dust Twins – Reach
The Meters – Wichita Lineman
Margo Guryan – Love Songs
Karen Dalton – One Night of Love
Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue
Bunny Scott – Kinky Fly
The Beach Boys – Little Bird
Josephine Foster – Child of God
The Byrds – Full Circle
Thin Lizzy – She Knows
Captain Beefheart – My Head Is My house
Nico – These Days
Laraaji – Quiet Journey
Dave Bixby – Peace


Subcity, Wednesday 3rd March 2021

This weeks show is seriously bursting at the seams! 18 songs in an hour, could it be a record? I’m not sure if I’m up for searching back through 91 episodes to check. Let’s just say today’s show is mighty stacked and leave it at that. The tracklist is below the show is available here: El Rancho Music on Subcity oh yeah!

Featured on the show today is Buffet Lunch and their snappy new single ‘Pebbledash’ which came out a minute ago. It’s from their highly contagious debut album ‘The Power Of Rocks’ out on May 7th through Upset The Rhythm. Check out the new vide here:

Buffet Lunch have a clever knack of sounding like they are teetering on the edge of collapse. There’s a spontaneity and fun running through their surrealistic songs which come tumbling down the hill in multiple directions and at various speeds. The album is packed with wonky vignettes that pop and fizzle with a edgy energy that doesn’t want to take itself too seriously, and that’s good! The songs on the album are full of colourful stories narrated in Perry O’Bray’s spoken voice – currently a go to vocal choice for most of the UK’s buzz bands including Squid, Dry Cleaning, Black Country New Road… I could go on and on – Buffet Lunch put on cool DIY shows in Edinburgh under the Good Grief moniker and release music occasionally via the Smooth Dad label. Their DIY aesthetic is strong, with Perry O’Bray from the band producing the artwork for gigs and releases including the masks on the cover of ‘Power of Rocks’. Those masks feature in live shows and were witnessed at Freakender 2019, where the band played an amazing Saturday afternoon set.

Their tracks are vigorous excursions, meandering into clattersome terrain as often as hiking up into the breezy, melodious foothills. The desire to lead the listener along a curious tale helps tie things together, showcasing a lyrical playfulness that pins down their puzzle of sound – Upset The Rhythm

Here’s the full tracklisting to the show…

The Muckers – So Far Away (Greenway Records)
Paul Jacobs – Half Rich Loner (Blow The Fuse)
Palberta – Corner Store (Wharf Cat)
Children of The Pope – Street of Chance (S/R)
Buffet Lunch – Pebbledash (Upset The Rhythm)
Silicon Prairie – Born In Trouble (Silicone Prairie)
Dom & The Wizards – Outlaws and the Cops (Tenth Court)
Ohtis – Failure (Saddle Creek)
Pansy – Women of UR Dream (Earth Libraries)
Good Morning – Basketball Breakups (Caroline Australia)
Tex Crick – Peaches & Cream (Mac’s Record Label)
Spang Sisters – The Ballad of Joyce Vincent (Bathtime Sounds)
Helado Negro – Sound and Vision (BBE MUSIC)
Chai – Donuts Mind If I Do (Sub Pop)
Honey Slides – Arrivederci, Motherfucker! (feat. Macie Stewart) (S/T)
Silver Synthetic – In The Beginning (Third Man)
Quality Used Cars – Spiral Of Lies (Francis Taite)