Subcity 17th February 2021

Artwork by Robin Roche.

Midday. Wednesday. Fortnightly. It’s El Rancho Radio on Subcity. This week is as always stacked with new music. This week we’ve got a heavy tilt on rippin’ guitars and frenzied rhythms, for about a third of the show at least. I’m probably fixing on Beige Banquet, who have released ‘Beta‘ a post-punk, art-rock, Blitzkrieg Bop, sonic assault of a debut. Today you’ll hear ‘Cold Yoghurt’ from the tape release on the show which really kicks! There’s a strong DIY feel through today’s show, with lot’s of the music self recorded and produced. See Silicone Prairie, The Poppermost, Josephine & Hershguy, John Myrtle, Bobby Lee and cool Ghouls!

Check out the album below and pick up the digital copy to support the artist. Unfortunately the tape has sold out, but stay tuned surely someone is going to pick up on Beige Banquet.

Listen live today or listen back later https://www.subcity.org/shows/elrancho/

On today’s show…

Psymon Spine – Jumprope
Beige Banquet – Cold Yoghurt
Pom Poko – Andy Go To School
The Gorls – Tracie
Pushups – So Let Down
Josephine & Hershguy – Let’s Jet
Jake Elijah – I Knew Then
Silicone Prairie – Silicone Prairie
John Myrtle – Get Her Off My Mind
Holiday Ghosts – Mr. Herandi
Count Florida – HOT THINGS
The Poppermost – Well I Will
Bobby Lee – Fire Medicine Man
Cassandra Jenkins – Hard Drive
Lean Logic – Mother Machine
Ryley Walker – Rang Dizzy
Cool Ghouls – The Way I Made You Cry

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