Subcity Radio, Wednesday 12th May 2021

John Andrews & The Yawns – Cookbook (Woodsist)

After two months out of the fortnightly Subcity game, El Rancho is back with the full bhoona! 58 mins (I was daydreaming for two minutes and had to cut that out of the hour!) of brand new hits and a couple of undiscovered gems. When I say hits, I mean if El Rancho was a chart, these would be hits! All tracks are available on Bandcamp and come from great albums, new singles, EPs and unreleased new records!

One of those new records is John Andrews & The Yawns new record ‘Cookbook’ out on 14/05/21 via Woodsist. We’re big fans of John Andrews and Woodsist on the ranch (My arm even sports a Woodsist inspired all-seeing ‘eye’ tattoo found on many of the early releases). This new release has the familiar sound we’ve come to love, slightly wonky, unpolished and loose, yet full musicianship and songwriting that is so on point you just want more of it. Although ‘Cookbook’ was written off the back of 2017’s album ‘Bad Posture’, we’re only getting to hear how the songs sound in 2021. The past few years, you may have seen or heard Andrew’s playing alongside Hand Habits, Cut Worms or Woods or in his band Quilt – now that’s a lineup I’d happily hang out with! So you see how it might have taken a bit of time to get this one out.

The album starts with the first single, ‘New California Blue’ with Andrews on the piano in Rundgren fashion, easing us into another mellow record that keeps the feel throughout. Andrews’ singing is always hushed on ‘Try’, featured on this week’s show; he has a sort of 70’s Lennon-esque vibe with a slight cosmic country feel in and around it. The songs are delicate and soulful, with sweeping harmonies and tender melodies. Playful Honky-tonk piano, flutes, pedal steel and more make this record a delicious meal. Simple, honest and reflective lyrics fill Andrews’ songs, giving each track the feeling of sharing time with an old friend. There is an update of 60’s/70’s classics in ‘Cookbook’ that are welcoming and contemporary and should satisfy Neil Young and Joni Mitchell fans. The video for ‘River of Doubt’ (below) features Andrews’ unique moving animation, which can be found on the album’s cover. Some great photographs taken at home and on the road encapsulate the song and the homespun nature with which this artist portrays his music.

Make sure you work backwards if you’re new to John Andrews and check out the previous releases ‘Bad Posture‘ (2017) and ‘Bit By The Fang‘ (2015). These are all top quality tunesmithery that touches on all of the best shit – country, soul, R&B, bits of psych that possess a general warmth and groove that is completely endearing and engaging.

Pick up the new album ‘Cookbook’ below and check out this Brooklyn Vegan Interview for a run down of the influences on the album.

Check out the radio tracklist…

Dark Tea – Tears Down The Road
John Andrews & The Yawns – Try
Family Jordan – Stillness
Lee Baggett – Fast Asleep
Daniel Romano – Into A Rainbow
Massage – Made of Moods
Vinyl Williams – Beaming
Shadow Force – Love You Know
The Tubs – Two Person Love
Sledgehammer – Inward & Abroad
Henrik Appel – Outside
Smirk – Violent Game
Grave Flowers Bongo Band – Smile
The Natvral – Sun Blisters
Love Axe – Give Me A Kiss
A Certain Ratio – Keep it Together
The CUSP – Money

Listen back here:


Tune in every fortnight!!

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