But wait… they’re cookin’ up something and you know is going to be worth the wait…
photo credit: NeelamKhanVela

Remember these live scenes!? Oh I can’t wait till they are back on stage dazzling us with moves and music. Until then you’ll have to take comfort in knowing that LYLO are writing the follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘Post Era’ album. They spoke with DM’s read about it here:


Clyde Built, Sunday 4th April 2021

This was a funny mix. The vibe starts out mellow then I hit the jazz fusion button and then 80’s R&B and Disco jumped in before settling back in to some breazy modern yacht rock, a 50’s Moroccan take on an Italian classic, soul and Lovers Rock. I hope you followed that. Here’s the tracklist…

Willie Dunn – The Pacific
Group Nine – Days of a Quiet Sun
Cool Ghouls – Land Song
Tobacco City – Never on my Mind
The Lost Days – In The Fade
La’Verne Washington – The Promise
George Yanagi -「祭ばやしが聞こえる」のテ ーマ
Young Guv & James Matthew VII – Til I Find Love Again
Gerald Lee – Can You Feel The Love
King Burnett – I Man Free
Tibet – Only Man’s Love
J.J. Jones – Volare
The Nu-Ron’s – All My Life
Janet Kay – Silly Games

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