Clyde Built, Sunday 4th April 2021

This was a funny mix. The vibe starts out mellow then I hit the jazz fusion button and then 80’s R&B and Disco jumped in before settling back in to some breazy modern yacht rock, a 50’s Moroccan take on an Italian classic, soul and Lovers Rock. I hope you followed that. Here’s the tracklist…

Willie Dunn – The Pacific
Group Nine – Days of a Quiet Sun
Cool Ghouls – Land Song
Tobacco City – Never on my Mind
The Lost Days – In The Fade
La’Verne Washington – The Promise
George Yanagi -「祭ばやしが聞こえる」のテ ーマ
Young Guv & James Matthew VII – Til I Find Love Again
Gerald Lee – Can You Feel The Love
King Burnett – I Man Free
Tibet – Only Man’s Love
J.J. Jones – Volare
The Nu-Ron’s – All My Life
Janet Kay – Silly Games

Listen back here:

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