‘Let’s Jet’/’Futz’ by Josephine & Hershguy

“Mother and Daughter with Ice Cream” by Yuri Krasny

From the glammy, powerpop, rock n’ roll world of DIG! Records come Josephine & Hershguy. The pair are known for their involvement in NYC DIY groups; Brower, Dirty Fences and Velveteen Rabbit (add Kansas City’s The Whiffs and Chicago’s The Rubs and we’ve got our dream gig. How about a Union Pool Covid comeback gig 2022?!). ‘Let’s Jet’ is the first track to drop from the forthcoming album ‘Stocky Tunes’, and it’s a socially distanced, good time stomper. It’s two and a half minutes of strutting Milk ‘n’ Cookies glam pop, with riffing guitars and sugar candy camp vocals. The other available track to stream ahead of the album release is ‘Futz’, a miniature lo-fi opus à la The Quick doing nursery rhyme Ramones. The album promises “a celebratory rock’n’roll smorgasbord of far-reaching sounds and sonic bedlam”, which sounds like a helluva lot of fun and we’re ready!

Check out ‘Let’s Jet’ and ‘Futz’ below and preorder from Bandcamp

ALSO, Check out the pop gems that is Josephine’s album ‘Music Is Easy‘ and Hershguy’s ‘Poprocks‘ EP both released in 2020. These will kill you with classic brill building to Beach Boys pop, vintage sounding 60’s and 70’s AOR FM/AM hits, snappy, lo-fi drum machines, pop hooks and nonsense fun, and that’s what you need even if you don’t know it!

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