I just used some Coronation Street click bait to draw you internet crawling suckers in, it’s all fake, no one returns. In fact The Roves, El Rancho’s current crush play their debut Scottish show in Glasgow at Mono tomorrow night, Saturday 2nd March. Close friends will no doubt have been given the lowdown on The Roves over the past few months but if not here’s a quick recap…

The Roves debut S/T album came out last May but El Rancho only discovered the band in November, after an email from the band with a rough three minute You Tube clip of them playing live. There was something in that clip which lead to seeking out further info. After hearing the first two songs I was drawn in and by the end gobsmacked! Since then the album has been rinsed on a daily basis and it’s even on now as I type this!

Needless to say El Rancho and Mono are super excited to have the band playing tomorrow and we urge you to tell your friends and come down. For fans of great British rock n roll, with 60’s guitar pop music at the forefront then The Roves are the band to ignite that spirit in your soul. You’ll be relieved to know the art of songwriting is alive and in good hands! Think early Beatles, Nick Lowe, The La’s, Merseybeat…

Check the event page for more info

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