It’s time! Our SXSW party is out the bag! We’re super psyched to be hosting an official SXSW Showcase and day party at the world infamous Hotel Vegas in Austin, Texas this year for the second year running. The all day event will host 11 acts including Warmdusher, Annabelle Chairlegs, Rascalton, Iguana Death Cult, Lucia, The Gooch Palms, Fruit Tones, Gnarcissists, Teddy and The Rough Riders, The Blank Tapes and Melenas!

The event named Freakender Buckaroo Ball will be split into two parts; The free day party from 2pm-7pm, which is a open to everyone and anyone with or without SXSW badges or wristbands; and the night time event from 7pm till 2am which is our Official SXSW Showcase. You must be a SXSW badge holder or wristband user to gain priority access though $10 door tickets are available depending on capacity.

Check all the details plus links to all the acts playing the ball!

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