WHAT’S ON?! – THE BIG 50 Tracks of 2021!

Female Species ‘Tale Of My Last Love’ (Numero)

The year ends with the ‘who cares?’ top 50 tracks from my favourite new albums and singles of 2021. If you’ve been following the ‘WHAT’s ON?’ weekly-ish playlist on Spotify you’ll be familiar with most of these tracks. The only order is how I’ve compiled them in the mix, I hope you enjoy the 3 hour + bumper edition. Follow the playlist link at the bottom and see you in 2022 more new music/releases!

1. Natalie Bergman – Shine Your Light (Mercy)
2. Gabriels – Blame (Blame)
3. Midnight Sister – Satellite (Painting the Rose)
4. Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million (Ookii Gekkou)
5. Maston, L’eclair – Do You Feel It Working? (Souvenir)
6. Marinero – Nuestra Victoria (Hella Love)
7. Mouth Painter – Tropicale Moon (Tropicale Moon)
8. John Myrtle – Get Her Off My Mind (Myrtle Soup)
9. John Andrews & the Yawns – New California Blue (Cookbook)
10. Sylvie – Falls On Me (Sylvie)

11. Tobacco City – Tobacco City Waltz (Tobacco City, USA)
12. Dark Tea – Tears Down The Road (Dark Tea)
13. Rose City Band – Lonely Places (Earth Trip)
14. Tex Crick – Sometimes I Forget (Sometimes I Forget)
15. Cactus Lee – If Rona Don’t Do It (The Fast Livin’ Will) (Texas Music Forever)
16. Bobby Lee – Broken Prayer Stick (Origin Myths)
17. Hayden Pedigo – Some Kind of Shepherd (Letting Go)
18. Pearl Charles – Imposter (Magic Mirror)
19. Mega Bog – Crumb Back (Life, and Another)
20. Emma-Jean Thackray – Say Something (Yellow)
21. L’Rain – Two Face (Fatigue)
22. PinkPantheress – Pain (to hell with it)
23. Charlotte Adigéry ft. Bolis Pupul – HAHA (HAHA)
24. Cktrl ft. Merba – Zero (Zero)
25. Jonny Cosmo – Last Call (Pastry)
26. Cole Police – Late Afternoon Light (Amethyst VA)
27. Arroj Aftab – Last Night (Vulture Prince)
28. Nala Sinephro – Space 2 (Space 1.8)
29. Cassandra Jenkins – Hard Drive (An Overview of Phenomenal Nature)
30. Jackie Leven – The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ (Straight Outta Caledonia)
31. Leo Nocentelli – Give Me Back My Loving (Another Side)
32. Snuffy – I Wanna Change My Life (Belong To The Wind VA)
33. Art Lown – Knew You Well (Piper Oz the Hound)
34. Widsith – Rust In The Rain (…Still Sad VA)
35. Female Species – There’s A Rainbow (Tale Of My Last Love)
36. Roland Ray – Come Back (Hot, Cold & Blue)
37. Holiday Ghosts – Off Grid (North Street Air)
38. The Bug Club – My Baby Loves Rock & Roll (Pure Particles)
39. Austin Leonard Jones – Juarez (The Wonder of…)
40. Cool Ghouls – To You I’m Bound (At George’s Zoo)
41. Rosali – Whatever Love (No Medium)
42. Silver Synthetic – Unchain Your Heart (Silver Synthetic)
43. Ornament – Clara (Clara)
44. Good Dog Nigel – My Whole Life (My Whole Life)
45. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – You (Yourself)
46. Aldous Harding – Old Peel (Old Peel)
47. Nightshift – Power Cut (Zöe)
48. Beige Banquet – Cold Yoghurt (Beta)
49. Nilüfer Yanya – Stabilise (Stabilise)
50. THE CUSP – Money (Money)


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