Clyde Built Radio, Sunday 27th June 2021

Sunday morning coming down or getting up with El Rancho this Sunday and every 4 weeks on Clyde Build Radio. If you missed the live show you can hear the whole damn thing on the CBR soundcloud page or over on El Rancho’s Mixcloud.

Mac Gayden – Morning Glory
Woody Simmons – Can’t Say Why
Trilogy – Red Wine
Chris Darrow – Beware of Time
Starry Eyed & Laughing – Going Down
Thomas Jefferson Kaye – American Lovers
Dan Penn – Nobody’s Fool
Jim Ford – Under Construction
Gone – Jerry Williams
Richard Torrance – Anything’s Possible
The Rationals – Glowin’
Creative Source – You Can’t Hide Love
6ix – I’m Just Like You
J.J. Cale – Wish I had Not Said That
Peter Sarstedt – Mellowed Out
Fleetwood Mac – Did You Ever Love Me
Edge of Daybreak – Let’s Be Friends

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