‘Hot & Heavy​-​Handed’ by Izaak Opatz

Photography by Kendall Rock

The dude flying through the sky is Izaak Opatz, his album ‘Hot & Heavy Handed’ came out on Mama Bird Recordings Co. in December last year, and I’m just finding myself falling in love with it. If like me you love equal measures of big cheesy country hits, humorous honky-tonk laments and wry everyday observational lyrics, look no further. Opatz reworks modern hits such as ‘I left Something Turned On at Home’ (Trace Adkins), ‘You Look Like I Need A Drink’ (Justin Moore) and ‘Drunk On a Plane’ (Dierks Bentley) with a more down to earth, less cynical take on the originals. It’s impressive how well Opatz scuffs up these hilariously modern country hits and makes them his own. His own ‘Lubbock for Love’ hits the corny heart perfectly and sits nicely in the album, showing Opatz could give these glossy ranchers a run for their money. The whole album will get under your skin and into your head. If you want a rollicking truck jam, check out Opatzs’ other original ‘You Made a Country Singer out of Me’ for a revved-up, tongue in cheek tailgate party. This is country-pop the way it should be. For fans of Dougie Poole, Tim Hill, Daniel Romano, Bonnie Prince Billy and Silver Jews.

Check out the album below and throw a few dollars his way so we can have another round of this stuff!

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