Subcity, 14th October 2020

Today from 12pm-1pm BST broadcasting on @subcityradio live from Glasgow its El Rancho with the hits of the week-fortnight!

Tune in here https://www.subcity.org/shows/elrancho/

The track list…

The Nude Party – Lonely Heather
The Muckers – Suspended
Good Dog Nigel – Strawberries
Savoy Motel – Mouth To Ear Music
Tim Heidecker – Fear Of Death
Brower – Two Thousand Twenty New Tanks
Young Guv – Cold In The Summer
Benny Yurco – The Beacon
Self-Help – Doodled Smile
The Uplifting Bell Ends – The Spaceship And The Clash Of The Artificial Satellite
Bobby Lee – Sacred Swimming Hole
Pike Co. – Laid Back Guy
Great Silkie – These Days
Slinky Red – Over Your Head
R McClure & Tall Shadows – Never Love Me Again
Alex Izenberg – Love (John Lennon)

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