Video Premier: It’s Good To Know Your Man by LYLO

Originally released as a single in July 2017 ahead of their critically acclaimed album ‘Post Era’ in 2018, ‘It’s Good To Know Your Man’ is a timeless late night summer jam which highlights all the fabulousness of LYLO. The video was filmed in June 2017 at Glasgow’s Carpet Factory however the footage disappeared mysteriously only to be recovered/discovered recently. 

LYLO headline King Tuts Summer Night’s tonight alongside Daria and Post Ironic State. Saxophonist and filmmaker Iain McCall, who recently graduated from the GSA will play his final Glasgow show with the band, marking an end to the Post Era LYLO as we currently know it. Niall Morris who also features in the video and plays synth left the group in January this year with Thom Querns (The Lawnmower) joining the group adding second guitar to the sound. After tonight’s show LYLO are taking time out from playing live to work on new material. Their next live performance is in Manchester on November 20th – although their is ONE MORE special live announcement to be made very soon!

As a fitting swan song to ‘Post Era’ and the current LYLO line up, El Rancho is happy to share with you this lo fi delight by film-maker Marcy Paterson. The video reflects the tracks smooth cosmic tones in its flowing layered edits and washed out hues. The subtitles lyrics add a foreign oddness to the slightly surreal footage and set. A sexy silk print of D’Angelo was cut from the final video due to copyright in infringement, but the boys do some fine smoldering work to keep the video hot for the lengthy 4:33.

It’s been an epic journey but it’s safe to say we are all eagerly anticipating the  post ‘Post Era’ LYLO. Until then see you tonight and enjoy this treat!

Directed – Tom Gentle & Marcy Paterson, Dop – Nico Biarese, Edited & Produced – Marcy Paterson, Wardrobe – I’ll Be Your Mirror, Set – Holly Hmiddouche

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