Formed in South Auckland New Zealand in 1997, Coolies have changed line ups a few times but remained a trio of avant-garage, noise-pop, guitar experimentationalists! The Coolies first got together in high school with a common love for the likes of Patti Smith, Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex. Before finishing High School they had already supported Beastie Boys, Cat Power and Rancid.

With a sound unhinged and loose, Coolies play a free form version of punk rock n roll inspired by nobody. Their amps are fried and the rhythm section is a disjointed clattering wall of sound. Their live shows are underground art performances of raw qualities, basic and guttural. They’ve had a stop/start career so far so we’re happy they are making it to Glasgow this Sunday 7th April before they (potentially) stop again! This Freakender show is for the cities DIY music scene to rejoice in!

Support from Vital Idles and Snout.

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