’29’ Project

In 2017 I did an editorial illustration based project about the Pike River Disaster.

On the 19th November 2010 Pike River Coal Mine on the West Coast of New Zealand exploded, killing 29 miners.

Since then, documentaries, books and articles with headings such as “Miners doomed by fatal flaws” have continued to tell the story of one of New Zealand’s worst mine disasters. And the difference with this disaster is that the answers aren’t known, the full truth hasn’t come out and what has been revealed hints at a darker story.

This work is my response to how things stand six and half years later (2017), and how the story may continue.

Peter Whittall small title-01
“Peter Whittall”
MInes Rescue small title-01
“Mines Rescue”
Daddys not coming home small title-01
“Daddy’s Not Coming Home”
Anna Osbourne small title-01
“Anna Osbourne”
Gary Knowles small title-01
“Gary Knowles”
Gordon Ward small title-01
“Gordon Ward”

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