Clyde Built, Sunday 7th February 2021

El Rancho’s Clyde Built Radio show airs this Sunday 7th Feb at 11am. Get up in the morning for a soothing mix of melancholic sounds of yesterday. Recently discovered while surfing the the pages of Bandcamp on Friday is this lovely record by Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin (posted above). I love a undiscovered oddity, thanks to Anthology for dusting this one off.

Check the track list below.

Paul Adolphus – Good Morning
Linda Perhacs – Hey, Who Really Cares
Elton John – Hourglass
Joan Armatrading – Willow
Bruce Sherman – Slow R & B
Bob Siebert – Rain
Prefab Sprout – Wild Horses
Bill LaBounty – Livin’ It Up
William Stuckey – The First Time
Moonlight – Am I Really Here
Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin – Until Tomorrow
Wendy And Bonnie – You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind
HE 6 – 초원의 빛
The Riot Squad – Waiting for My Man Ft David Bowie
Sibylle Baier – The End

Listen back here:


‘Gum’ by THE CUSP

Artwork by Hugo Bernier

Discovering a new track that instantly bonds you to a band is a magical thing, it’s more powerful than religion (to me). That’s what happened on a Saturday morning in 2016 when I first heard ‘No More Cryin’ by The Molochs, and for a good few years, I played them A LOT! I managed to see the band in Barcelona (Primavera Sound 2017) and Austin (SXSW 2018) and two shows in Glasgow’s Nice n’ Sleazy put on by Freakender of course. Their Innovative Leisure albums ‘America’s Velvet Glory‘ (2017) and ‘Flowers in the Spring‘ (2018) covered 60’s infused R&B and psych to UK baggy era indie with Flying Nun-esque charm.

Fast forward to 2020: a world upside down and creative confusion permeating the veins of artists of every ilk. What I’m I doing? Why I’m I doing this? What do I really I want to do? Where I’m I going? This existential crisis hit us all, but some of us dealt with it better than others. For The Molochs Lucas Fitzsimons, the realisation that his band weren’t cutting it for him anymore was tough, and with and feeling of being trapped in their style, he dissolved the group to grasp his vision and sound. THE CUSP is that vision.

‘Gum’ is the debut single from THE CUSP and it’s a street walking groove you can roam around the hood listening to on repeat. The track kicks off with crunky, acid house, P Funk, post punk and off kilter DIY noodling before Lucas’s druggy drawl arrives with a beatnik-mantra-esque chorus “We don’t like to function, we’re all young and able, we’re all but forgotten like the gum under the table”. All the classic 808 drum machine functions are cued up on point, bringing a fresh take on the hedonistic baggy sound of the Hacienda. Step on to THE CUSP and get your vibe back!

Out on Feb 2nd 2021 via Day End, “Gum” is THE CUSP’s debut release. Check it out below and support the artist if you can.

What led Lucas down this road? Chew on the Gum in this Spotify playlist…


Subcity, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Art by Musheto Fernández & NIGHTSHIFT

This weeks El Rancho show is a trip through art pop, AOR funk, spacey jams, Turkish psych, cosmic Americana, country pop and tender heartbreak. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Today’s show opens with ‘Power Cut’ by Nightshift. The track is taken from the album ‘Zoe‘ out on February 26th 2021 via Trouble In Mind. Founded and based in Glasgow the band are made up of various members of the DIY scene and they have touched on something special in their hypnotic sound. Coming out of the underground and into semi isolation with Covid 19 means the group have only played a few shows. The album was written and recorded remotely in lockdown and I can’t wait to hear it! You can stream the lead tracks and pre order via Bandcamp below.

On today’s show…

Nightshift – Power Cut (Trouble In Mind)
Goat Girl – A-Men (Rough Trade)
Ian Sweet – Sword (Polyvinyl)
Fly Golden Eagle – Spinnin (Blacktooth)
Constant Bop – Arrow Through Me (Paul McCartney Cover) (Radio Milk)
Altin Gün -Yüce Dağ Başında (Glitterbeat)
The CUSP – Gum (Day End)
Farmer Dave and the Wizards Of The West – Babe Got Plans For Me (Curation)
Izaak Opatz – A Better Man (Mama Bird)
Beachwood Sparks – Surfing Saints (Curation)
Vagabon ft. Courtney Barnett – Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin Cover) (Nonesuch)
Esther Rose – Keeps Me Running (Father/Daughter)
Widowspeak – The One I Love (REM Cover) (Captured Tracks)

Fortnightly Wednesday’s 12pm-1pm


‘Hot & Heavy​-​Handed’ by Izaak Opatz

Photography by Kendall Rock

The dude flying through the sky is Izaak Opatz, his album ‘Hot & Heavy Handed’ came out on Mama Bird Recordings Co. in December last year, and I’m just finding myself falling in love with it. If like me you love equal measures of big cheesy country hits, humorous honky-tonk laments and wry everyday observational lyrics, look no further. Opatz reworks modern hits such as ‘I left Something Turned On at Home’ (Trace Adkins), ‘You Look Like I Need A Drink’ (Justin Moore) and ‘Drunk On a Plane’ (Dierks Bentley) with a more down to earth, less cynical take on the originals. It’s impressive how well Opatz scuffs up these hilariously modern country hits and makes them his own. His own ‘Lubbock for Love’ hits the corny heart perfectly and sits nicely in the album, showing Opatz could give these glossy ranchers a run for their money. The whole album will get under your skin and into your head. If you want a rollicking truck jam, check out Opatzs’ other original ‘You Made a Country Singer out of Me’ for a revved-up, tongue in cheek tailgate party. This is country-pop the way it should be. For fans of Dougie Poole, Tim Hill, Daniel Romano, Bonnie Prince Billy and Silver Jews.

Check out the album below and throw a few dollars his way so we can have another round of this stuff!


Subcity, Wednesday 20th Jan 2020

El Rancho’s first Subcity Radio show of the year was today! It’s now available to listen back to on the Subcity website here. Lot’s of new music releases on offer this week, plus some fav tracks from albums released in 2020. Check it all out below.

Holy Hive/Mary Lattimore – Oh I Miss Her So (Instrumental) (Big Crown)
Midnight Sister – Satellite (Jagjaguwar)
Tara Clerkin Trio – Gold Bar (Lura Lies In)
Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Miracles (feat. Ty Segall) (Drag City)
Cassandra Jenkins – Michaelangelo (Ba Da Bing!)
CMON – Peter Pan (Mexican Summer)
Silicone Prairie – Dance to the Beat (Silicone Prairie)
David Nance – Gentle Traitor (Trouble In Mind)
Murkit Gem – El Michels Affair (Big Crown)
Colorama – Dusty Road (Banana & Louie)
Joe Ghatt – Turn To Burn (Third Eye Stimuli)
Cool Ghouls – Helpless Circumstance (Empty Cellar)
Jess Cornelius – Kitchen Floor (Jess Cornelius)
Skyway Man – Old Swingin’ Bell (Mama Bird)
Savoy Motel – Crossword Puzzle (Official Memorabilia)
Pearl Charles – All The Way (Kanine)