Clyde Built, Sunday 23rd August 2020

I enjoyed this one. Listen back to Sunday’s Spiritual Fantasy on Clyde Built from Sunday 23rd August 2020.

Clyde Built Radio · El Rancho (23/8/20)

Bob Trimble – One Mile from Heaven
Gandalf – Hang On To A Dream
Something Else – Let Me Say Now Love
Darius – I Feel The Need To Carry On
Miriam Makeba – For What It’s Worth
Rob Kunkel – Turn Of The Century
Dennis The Fox – The Sun’s Gonna Shine
The New Dawn – It’s Raining
Colin Hare – Just Like Me
Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day
John Scoggins – To Stay
Rick Grossman – Mellow Heaven Clout
Eddie Callahan – Don’t You Know
Bob Edmund – I See No Colors
Clap – Have You Reached Yet?
Susan Christie – Rainy Day

Colours of the Day

Colours of the Day is a new monthly mix series from El Rancho featuring tracks purchased on Bandcamp Friday, when the platform waives their revenue share of all sales to pay artists directly. This will typically be new music releases but also new reissues and things I’ve been streaming and been meaning to pick up. If you like a track head to bandcamp and check out more!

Listen now: